Friday, April 8, 2011

One Rep Max Workout

So I've been working on this post for a few days now. Deciding whether or not I want to tell you guys to "Try this workout!!", because it's not for everyone. And I like my advise to be universal. BUT, I think for those of you who are a bit more intermediate-advanced fitness folks, or for those of you who are looking for a change or something new to push you through your plateau (if you're on one)...This might be the workout for you. Beginners, this is not for you....Sorry. Some fitness professionals will tell you that it is. But they are only trying to sell you on the idea of "time savings", which is does. But at the expense of your overall fitness goals.

The whole idea behind the One Rep Max workout is that you train your entire body (major muscle groups) with only ONE set per muscle group. The focus is to fatigue your muscles in that one set, so you're not spending unneeded time over exhausting the muscle and "saving time". In order to work your muscles effectively in ONE set, you need to be exerting yourself at VERY high levels. So high that you work to muscle failure before you hit the 12 rep. Muscle failure is when you've pushed so hard you literally cannot do another rep.

The other important part of the One Rep Max workout is that it MUST be done only on exercise equipment at the gym. So if you workout from home, again I'm sorry, this isn't for you. Using gym equipment is vital because it allows for a safety measure - if you're lifting a hefty weight and need to drop it, the machine will take the impact, and you wont get hurt. (again, not for beginners)

How do you know if you're working to muscle failure? Well, the weight should be extremely challenging. And you should be doing about a 19 out of 20 on the difficulty scale. 20 being "Oh my God, I can't lift this!"

Each set should consist of a basic 8-12 reps & ONE set per muscle group per machine. You should be able to do at least 8 reps, but work to muscle failure at BEFORE 12 reps. If you can do more than 12 reps, or don't feel totally exhausted, you're not lifting enough weight.

The second part of the ONE Rep Max workout is to move from one exercise to the next quickly with little break - 30 seconds between each. Thus also working your cardiovascular system, circuit style.

This is the order in which you should perform the ONE Rep Max Workout:

1) Leg Press

2) Leg Extension

3) Leg Curls

4) Back Row

5) Chest Press

6) Shoulder Press

7) Tricep Extension

8) Bicep Curl

9) Abdominal Crunch
*there are many different ab machines, so you can use any, just make sure it's a machine.
The One Rep Max workout can be done 2-3 times a week. But make sure you rest at least one day in between.

Now complete your minimum 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous cardio! 

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